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105,500 Miles
4.4 Litre
6 Speed Auto
26 February 2016
MOT Expiry:
Full Service History



•  Sport Model

•  Full leather seats

•  Electric heated memory seats

•  Multi-function steering wheel

•  Privacy Glass

•  Side steps

•  Front & Rear parking sensors

FINANCE AVAILABLE: You could own this car for just £76 per month (£19 per week!)* Please call us for details prior to viewing if you would like to know more about our finance packages…

The BMW X5 offers an excellent driving experience coupled with great spaciousness and luxury. If you’re looking for a car that offers plenty of room for either family or loading, but also want a solid and reliable car that drives like something half its size, then the BMW X5 is the perfect choice!

This is the 4.4 litre V8 model, finished in stunning metallic silver. In addition the privacy glass and Black Exterior Trim Package make this a fine looking example and really does finish the car off perfectly.

When shopping around for a BMW X5 be sure to be aware of the ‘facelift’ that occurred from 2004 onward and to both understand and appreciate the differences (cosmetically and mechanically) between pre and post 2004 cars as they are hugely different…

The term ‘facelift’ is hardly apt when considering the changes that BMW made to the X5 as part of their famous overhaul for 2004. Yes, there are obvious visual improvements such as updated and enlarged grilles, angel eye headlights, revised rear lights, improved Sport alloy wheel design and so on. However, the changes continued under the bonnet… For starters the engines were totally revised, which gave the 4.4i model a power upgrade from 286bhp to a mighty 315bhp. BMW also invented a new four-wheel drive system dubbed xDrive. Instead of using the previous X5 system which consisted of power being split 62-38 (rear wheels-front wheels) and DSC to brake wheels losing traction, xDrive could vary power to the front or rear axles in milliseconds, transferring up to 100% of engine power to either axle, thus allowing the vehicle to regain traction quickly.

There are several other revisions included in the ‘facelift’ update of 2004, such as a trailer stability program for towing etc (although note this particular car does not have a tow bar fitted). Make no mistakes – the updates that BMW introduced for the 2004 revision are far from cosmetic.

This model is fitted with the excellent BMW 4.4 litre V8 engine, which provides an extremely impressive 315bhp (more powerful than the pre-facelift model which runs at 286bhp). Forget the smaller engined variants – this is a big car and therefore needs some decent power to make it an enjoyable drive – and that’s exactly what the BMW V8 engine delivers!

It should be noted that this car has been owned by myself - the Managing Director of 1st Class Marques - for around 18 months and was hand-picked by myself… I originally planned to purchase a 4.4i with LPG installed but found that the vast majority had very questionable mileages (and owners actually!) as almost none came with proper service histories… So I decided it would be better to source a genuine car without LPG and have it installed, and so I hand-picked this 4.4i via one of our suppliers with the intention to get an LPG conversion done shortly after purchase as this would, in my opinion, give a far superior car to buying one of the questionable ones with LPG already fitted (especially as LPG is quite cheap to install and you can get a lifetime warranty from some installers now)…

However, I had in change in circumstance which meant that the longer journey’s I envisioned would no longer be required, so did not get the LPG fitted and the car has had little use over the last year and so it’s time to move on.

For reference, the 3.0d diesel model does 30mpg (combined), compared to 21mpg for the 4.4i petrol. However diesel is more expensive than petrol, and LPG (depending on location) comes in at around 60% the price of petrol meaning the 4.4i should achieve the equivalent of somewhere around the 35mpg mark on LPG…

So not only can the 4.4i (with LPG) give better economy than the 3.0d diesel model, but is also considerably cheaper to buy than the diesel model to start with (allowing for the purchase of the car and also the LPG install to come in around the same cost as a diesel), is generally cheaper to repair than the diesel model - and all the while being able to enjoy the extra power and thrill of the V8 engine…

This would be an ideal car for LPG conversion, or to simply to enjoy that wonderful 315bhp V8!


The car is finished in glorious metallic silver and is in excellent condition. You might find the odd minor stone chip or mark if you specifically look for faults, but to describe the overall condition as anything else but excellent would be doing the car a real disservice. Please see the photo’s for yourself – they should say a thousand words!

The car is fitted with the stunning 19” Sport alloy wheels fitted with a matching set of Michelin tyres. The wheels were refurbished a year or so ago and so are in very tidy condition indeed.

The car has the factory optional-extra Black Exterior Trim Package which changes the window surrounds, roof bars and exhaust from silver to black. This coupled with the privacy glass really do make this a mean-looking machine!

The car also has side steps, very useful for day to day use as it’s quite a big car!

Another minor upgrade is the rear wiper arm. This has been upgraded to the newer style found on the latest X5’s for that more modern look.

This car is also fitted with factory fitted parking sensors on both the front and the rear to aid parking.


As is to be expected from a high-end BMW model, the interior is sheer luxury and finished to the highest standard.

The seats are finished in black leather, and all seats are all in good condition. There are no tears or rips and all are exactly as they should be. The front seats are also heated (a £520 optional extra when new).

The car has electric adjustable seats for both driver and passenger. The drivers seat memorises up to three different positions, so if you and your partner drive the same car, simply open the door, press the memory seat button and it will automatically adjust the seat, steering wheel, and door mirrors to your own unique settings before you even step into the car!

The steering column is electrically adjustable rather than manual, which is a nice touch and of course allows the steering wheel to be automatically adjusted when using the memory seat function.

The car features a multi-function steering wheel and is fitted with the excellent BMW Business Radio package. This car does not have the Sat Nav option, but as the system used by BMW was outdated even at the time of original release, coupled with the fact that you can buy retro-fit (factory look) systems which have the latest technology including up to date maps, bluetooth, iPod connection, wireless music streaming, DVD playback, TV and so on for circa £400, this is a factor that did not concern me in the slightest.

Also worthy of note is the excellent optional-extra slide out boot loading panel. As the boot on X5’s is split (i.e. the upper half folds up, and lower half down) when the boot is open you have to reach over the lower half of the boot door to actually access the boot – which is quite inconvenient for anyone much under six feet tall. With this optional extra the boot floor actually slides out of the car, where it can be loaded or unloaded before being slid back into place – an excellent feature!

Being a meticulous owner, the boot has also been fitted with an excellent quality rubber boot liner which is included in the sale.


The car has a FULL SERVICE HISTORY from new and comes complete with the stamped BMW Service Log book.

The last service was only a few hundred miles ago, and so there will be close to 14,000 miles before the next service will be due (X5’s are on the long life 2 year/15,000 mile schedule - depending upon driving style).

In addition, the brake discs and pads on all four corners were changed less than 1,000 miles ago – so have many thousands of miles of life remaining.

The full history is listed below:

•  10/03/2004 – Pre-Delivery Inspection John Clark BMW Aberdeen
•  16/09/2005 – 12,867 - John Clark BMW Aberdeen
•  09/03/2007 – 32,335 - John Clark BMW Aberdeen
•  21/03/2008 – 46,809 – John Clark BMW Aberdeen
•  14/01/2010 – 66,061 – Caldwell & Dempster Aberdeen
•  21/12/2010 – 77,833 – Caldwell & Dempster Aberdeen
•  14/12/2011 – 89,069 – John McCombie Motor Repairs & Servicing
•  29/11/2012 – 97,058 – John McCombie Motor Repairs & Servicing
•  20/12/2014 – 105,229 – 1st Class Marques LTD
•  The next service is not due for approximately another 14,000 miles!


The car is absolutely packed with features to help maximise the enjoyment of your driving experience. On this car you have all of the following features (apologies if we missed any from the list – if so please feel free to ask us if you spot anything missing here that you want to ensure is present!):

•  4.4 litre V8 Engine
•  315 bhp
•  6 speed automatic gearbox
•  Multi-Function steering wheel
•  19” Sport alloy wheels
•  Privacy glass
•  Black Exterior Trim Package
•  Black window surrounds, roof rails and exhaust
•  Side steps
•  BMW Business Radio
•  Angel eyes headlights
•  White indicator lenses
•  Leather Sports seats
•  Rear wiper arm upgrade
•  Electric windows all round
•  Power steering
•  Electric steering wheel adjustment
•  ABS
•  Dynamic Stability Control (traction control)
•  Electric interior tailgate release
•  Cruise control
•  Independent Air conditioning & climate control (controllable per passenger)
•  Parking sensors (front and rear)
•  Driver, passenger and side airbags
•  Electric memory seat for driver
•  Electric seat for passenger
•  Heated front seats
•  Sliding boot floor
•  Rubber boot liner (protector)
•  Automatic headlights
•  Headlight washers
•  Electrically operated door mirrors
•  Alarm
•  Immobiliser
•  Remote central locking
•  Full Service History (with stamped service book)
•  Full owners package, including all manuals in original leather BMW folder
•  Spare key
•  Completely HPI clear (with certificate)

Any questions what-so-ever, please contact us and we’ll be delighted to help you!

PLEASE NOTE: We always endeavour to be as accurate as possible when describing the vehicles that we sell and the features that these vehicles include. However, we are human and so it is possible that errors could occur. We cannot be held responsible for any errors contained within this vehicle description and you should confirm all of the factors contained within this description for yourself when viewing and test driving the vehicle. If there are any features listed above that are of particular importance then please be sure to confirm that the vehicle is definitely fitted with these features during (or prior to) viewing. If you would like to confirm any of the details listed here prior to booking an appointment to view the vehicle then please do not hesitate to contact us.

* Finance examples shown are based on a 50% deposit with repayments over a 5 year period. We will be happy to provide a personalised quote for finance to meet your specific requirements – just give us a call and we’d be delighted to assist.

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